The Hat Trick of Giving Stock

October 5, 2023
Stewardship Hattrick

Three Ways You Score by Giving Appreciated Stock


“He shoots; he scores!” the announcer yells. Music blares, colorful lights flash and the crowd goes wild.


For hockey players, there’s nothing quite as exciting as achieving a hat trick—scoring three goals in a single game.


Less flashy, but almost as thrilling is the triple score of giving appreciated stock to CMDA. It’s a smart and powerful way to help bring the hope and healing of Christ to the world through healthcare.


When you give appreciated stock, you score three personal benefits:


  1. Give without restricting your cash flow,
  2. Receive a fair market value deduction at the time of your gift, AND
  3. Avoid taxes on the sale of the stock.


You may not hear any blaring music or thunderous applause. Still, you can celebrate knowing you’ve accomplished a profound amount of good in a tax-efficient manner.


Feel free to do a fist pump, or even skate a victory lap or two. We promise we won’t judge.


To learn more about giving stock or other smart and powerful ways to support the mission of CMDA, email Paul Montgomery or call 423-844-1000.

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