Writing a Spiritual Love Letter

June 15, 2023
Writing Spiritual Gift

Passing Your Values to the Next Generation

A spiritual love letter may be one of the most meaningful gifts you can leave to your family and friends.

Sometimes referred to as an “ethical will,” a spiritual love letter is an informal document separate from your legal will, designed to pass along your Christian values, life lessons and blessings from one generation to the next.

Since this is not a legal document, the content, length and form are completely up to you. There is no right or wrong way to go about it; the letter should reflect your personality and style.

Most people include these three basic elements:

  1. Beliefs and values. What are your core beliefs about God? How have your faith and convictions guided the way you’ve lived your life?
  1. Life lessons. What are the most important things you’ve learned from your mentors? What truths have you gleaned from life’s victories, challenges and disappointments?
  1. Messages of hope. Which Scriptures have brought you personal encouragement? What are your greatest hopes and prayers for your loved ones? What blessing do you want to offer them?


Once you’ve completed your spiritual love letter, make sure to save it along with your will in a safe location where your personal representative knows where to find it. In doing so, you will leave your family a tangible gift of love, hope and encouragement they can carry with them in the years to come.

Need additional help writing your spiritual love letter? Request your free copy of “Writing a Spiritual Love Letter” by emailing Paul Montgomery at Stewardship@cmda.org or call 423-844-1000.

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