Avoiding the Cliffhanger: How Your Will Reveals What Matters Most

June 21, 2021

Cliffhangers might be an amusing way to end a novel or sitcom, but it’s hardly the way to conclude your own life’s story.

Yet, this is exactly what will happen if you don’t complete or communicate your estate plans. Your loved ones will face the ultimate “cliffhanger.”

Without completing and sharing your will or trust, your family will be burdened with uncertainty about how you wanted your belongings to be distributed. They won’t have any clarity about the provisions you wanted to make for your family or for the causes close to your heart.

Instead, through good planning, you can write a beautiful narrative that punctuates and accentuates all the goodness of your life. Your completed will offers a powerful testimony about what matters most to you—communicating your priorities and the core values by which you’ve lived.

Your completed will protects your assets and belongings, and it helps your loved ones avoid unnecessary taxes and legal fees. Through it, you can provide for family with special needs or secure guardianship for minors. Your last chapter can also transfer God-given resources to further the mission of CMDA and other kingdom work the Lord has placed on your heart.

So, don’t leave your loved ones guessing with a narrative that’s incomplete. Having a will in place completes your life’s story in a smart, loving and meaningful way.

Ready to put your plan in place? Request your free copy of “The Roadmap to Your Completed Will” by emailing paul.montgomery@cmda.org or calling 423-844-1011.

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