Church Resources

Do you find it difficult to address today’s current issues with your church congregation? Do you know how to explain the perils of physician-assisted suicide? How do you answer questions about abortion? What about leading a discussion on sexuality, gender identity and other hot topics dominating our culture today?

As a ministry, CMDA is dedicated to advancing biblical principles of healthcare within the church and throughout the world. We want to help you to be an advocate for God’s Word and speak truth into today’s ethical issues. In order to engage others in these discussions, it’s important to learn more about them. And we are here to help!

Bridging the Gap

Developed by expert healthcare professionals, this new small group study is designed to ask difficult, thought-provoking questions as we seek the truth found in God’s Word about the ethical issues facing Christians today. This curriculum will help you courageously stand up for what’s morally right according to your beliefs.


Through CMDA's Standards4Life, we offer you simple and succinct guides to help answer your biggest questions about healthcare issues. YOU can make the difference of life or death in issues such as abortion, stem cell research, and physician-assisted suicide by educating yourself and others.