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Available Episodes of CMDA Matters for Members and Non-Members

Love and Medicine: Persevering through Trials in Medical School

May 23, 2024

CMDA student member Timothy Kanne wrote about his recent personal cancer journey while in medical school, and it was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Faith Embodied: Glorifying God with Our Physical and Spiritual Health

May 16, 2024

Reverend Dr. Stephen Ko talks about his work as a physician and ordained Christian and Missionary Alliance Pastor, as well as his newly released book entitled Faith Embodied.

Diving Deep into LGBTQIA+ and the Political Divide

May 9, 2024

Rev. Elizabeth Woning from the CHANGED Movement discusses the political divide caused by LGBTQ identities and culture.

On the Way: Ministering in the Moment

May 2, 2024

Dr. David Hager talks about his new book entitled On the Way: Ministering in the Moment.

CMDA at the U.S. Supreme Court

April 25, 2024

Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Erik Baptist talks about CMDA’s experience at the U.S. Supreme Court for oral argument in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine court case.    

Dream Brave with Dr. Wai Jia Tam

April 18, 2024

Dr. Wai Jia Tam, a multi-award-winning international humanitarian doctor and speaker, shares about her new book entitled Dream Brave.

Exploring Spirituality and Health

April 11, 2024

Dr. Andre Cipta talks about an important research project he’s been leading that dives deep into the importance of incorporating spiritual care into patient care.  

Cameo of Courage featuring Dr. Rebekah Naylor

April 4, 2024

Dr. Rebekah Naylor discusses her decades of service on the mission field in India and how she continues to support the next generation of healthcare missionaries.

Finding Purpose in Retirement

March 28, 2024

Pastor Bert Jones is joined in the studio by Dr. Steve Sartori for a discussion about how you can find purpose and identity in retirement.

Speaking Freely with The Referent Group

March 21, 2024

Pastor Bert Jones chats with Dr. Tom Hustead and Doug Crandall about how valuable leadership is for healthcare professionals.