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A Breakpoint in the Culture War

John Stonestreet, the president of the Colson Center, has a conversation with Dr. Mike Chupp and Rev. Bert Jones about the right of conscience in healthcare—and why it matters for Christians in today’s culture on this week’s episode of CMDA Matters.

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Finding Margin in the Midst of Burnout

November 3, 2022

Dr. Ted Hamilton, an expert in the field of physician well-being, talks about what leads to burnout and how to overcome it and find margin.  

Navigating the Waters of Racism and Reconciliation

October 27, 2022

Dr. Omari Hodge and Dr. Joy Walton join us for a critical conversation about racism and reconciliation in today’s culture and the importance of seeking biblical justice.  

Morality and Ethics in Today’s World

October 20, 2022

Dr. John Patrick talks about morality and ethics in today’s world on this week’s CMDA Matters podcast.

Engaging in Mental Health

October 13, 2022

Dr. Brett McCarty and Dr. Warren Kinghorn give a special presentation on mental health for this week’s CMDA Matters podcast.

The Hidden Global Pandemic

October 6, 2022

Dr. Susan Hillis discusses the hidden global pandemic we are now facing—child orphanhood on this week’s CMDA Matters podcast.

Looking at Monkeypox

September 29, 2022

Dr. Issam “Sam” Raad, chair of the University of Texas MD Anderson’s Department of Infectious Diseases, shares about the Monkeypox epidemic on this episode of CMDA Matters.

Ukraine Update – Dental Outreach

September 22, 2022

Listen to a special interview with Dr. John Pfefferle and Dr. Phil Aday about their recent mission trip to the Ukraine. Plus, Dr. Mike Chupp sits down with Dr. Peter Saunders to talk about the ongoing war relief efforts in the country on this week’s CMDA Matters podcast.

Healthcare Outreach to the Middle East

September 15, 2022

Dr. Sam Raad talks about Healthcare Outreach to the Middle East, a ministry with more than 20 clinics in 14 Arab countries on this week’s CMDA Matters podcast.  

Choose Life

September 8, 2022

Dr. Joy Riley talks about her contributions to Choose Life, a new book that addresses the theological, legal, spiritual and practical concerns about abortion.

Standing Courageous as Women in Healthcare

September 1, 2022

Dr. Regina Frost-Clark shares about the importance of being courageous and standing up for conscience rights in healthcare on this week’s CMDA Matters.