Huddle Now to Eliminate Chaos Later: Sharing Your Plan Through a Family Meeting

January 6, 2022
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Did you know the average play in football takes just four seconds? But the huddle before the play often takes much longer.

You see, getting a group people on the same page to accomplish even the simplest of goals doesn’t just happen. It’s the huddle that makes the play possible.

It’s like this with estate planning too.

A family huddle (a.k.a. “family meeting”) clears the path for your wishes to be carried out as efficiently and lovingly as possibly.

Through healthy dialogue about your values, goals and the specific plans included in your will or trust, you offer loved ones a profound and lasting gift. You save them from the chaos, division, heartache and complications that often surface in ambiguity.

A family meeting might involve the help of a trusted advisor, attorney or family friend as a conversation facilitator. However, it may be as simple as sitting down with your adult children and/or grandchildren for an open, honest conversation.

What should your huddle look like? How can you prepare for the conversation?

Request your free copy of “Sharing Your Plan with Your Loved Ones: A Guide for Your Family Meeting” by emailing or call 423-844-1011.

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