On the Side: February 2024

February 2024

Godly Advice
by Sharon Chatwell


“The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice” (Proverbs 12:15, NIV).

We all need advice, and from time to time we may even look for it. The question is, where should we seek it? The Internet? The Bible? Our pastor? A friend? A family member? Where can a Christian find godly advice?

To find wisdom we know we must ask God. James 1:5 tells us, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you” (NIV).
I know this is the right answer; the Sunday school answer. After all, God is always there. He is both all-knowing and all-powerful. Therefore, He knows all the right answers. If we want to know what we should do, we can ask Him for wisdom, and it will be given to us.

But what if we just want to talk our problems out with someone? What do we do if we want to know where to send our kids to college or what daycare would be the best for us? We can pray for wisdom, and it will undoubtedly be given to us, as the Bible says. But if we want to have advice, godly advice, where may we find it?

As a doctor’s wife, you could go to another doctor’s wife, especially if she has been in town a little longer than you have, or if her husband is in the same specialty as your husband. This is one of the things that makes Side By Side so attractive. We have at once a community of friends and sisters in that they are healthcare wives like us. They may have been here longer than us, seen more than us, and experienced similar things in medicine, like us. They also have experience, and hopefully wisdom, in that many of them have been walking with Jesus longer than we have.

I believe godly advice comes most readily from people who have experience walking with Jesus. Someone whose life has been changed by trusting in Christ, the Savior. When you need advice, I suggest you seek out one of these people.

They don’t necessarily need to be older than you, but they need to have faith like you. Look for people like this whenever you need important advice. Trust them, take them in to your confidence, pray with them and then act on their advice.

Recently, I needed this kind of advice about a ministry issue. An old friend of mine was in town on furlough. As a career overseas missionary from a missionary family, who grew up overseas and lived in over a dozen different countries, I knew she could help me.

When I contacted her and said I needed to talk, she said she was “all in.”  She realized it was important to me because as she put it, “You never need to talk.” That’s what you need when you seek godly advice, a friend who knows you and has your best interest at heart.

We talked later that same day, and her advice helped me. She made sure she understood my problem, asked a few important questions, and then offered her advice. It was a bit shocking to me because I would never have thought of her solution on my own. She knew what she was saying, and her advice was sound.

Since then, I’ve implemented her advice and things are on the mend. If nothing else, it has helped me see the full size of the problem I’m up against. Her godly advice helped me both mentally and spiritually.

Husbands are wonderful people from whom to ask advice. So, if you are blessed with a husband who knows Christ, always start with him first. Keep in mind, however, that a doctor who is in training (or in practice) may be emotionally, physically or even spiritually exhausted. Therefore, it may be more difficult for him to offer you the godly advice you need. Be patient and kind if you are asking him for help or advice.

Remember as a believer you can and always should ask advice from the Holy Spirit, who lives inside of you. He can speak directly to your heart and mind. What a blessing that is! When you seek out godly counsel and get good advice, be sure to take it and to put it into effect, even if it may seem a bit foreign to you or even against worldly logic.

Remember what we find in Proverbs 13:10 “Where there is strife, there is pride, but wisdom is found in those who take advice” (NIV).

I hope you find all the godly advice you need for your daily walk.


Sharon is a physician spouse living in beautiful (and currently defrosting) Lincoln, Nebraska. She wishes you good friends who offer you godly advice along with the wisdom that is given freely by God to those who ask for it.

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