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Dr. Zandra Cheng is the second of four daughters born to Chinese immigrants and the only one in medicine. After watching ”King of kings,” she accepted Jesus as her Savior at age 16, and she has been learning ever since what it means to have Jesus as Lord of her life. In her words, “He hand-picked my medical school, led me into surgery when I wanted to do primary care, had me marry someone I didn’t date,  gave us a beautiful autistic older son and led us to Sandy Hook, Connecticut, where our youngest son was at Sandy Hook Elementary School on the day of the shooting. In April 2021, He preserved my life when I drove off the road from burnout and through CMDA’s Center for Well-Being, He continues to demonstrate His grace and refining work.” Dr. Cheng is currently working as a breast surgeon in New Jersey, while her family and church are in Connecticut.

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