Unexpected Choice

An Abortion Doctor's Journey to Pro-Life

Patti Giebink, MD


How does a pro-choice doctor who once performed abortions for Planned Parenthood wind up on the opposite side of this embattled issue? Dr. Patricia Giebink was overpowered by God’s perspective at a healing conference, becoming a pro-life advocate who repented before millions for doing abortions.

As the author tells her emotional story, you will come away with a new understanding of the complexity of life, the risks of abortion, the power of prayer, and the greatness of God’s love and forgiveness―which is big enough to cover the pain of all affected by this controversial procedure.

Unexpected Choice is told from the perspective of a doctor who actually performed abortions through Planned Parenthood. The book chronicles her journey from being a pro-choice physician to someone speaking on behalf of the pro-life movement.

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About the Author(s)

Patti Giebink, MD

Patti Giebink, MD, is an OB/GYN physician who has over 30 years’ experience delivering babies here and in hospitals overseas. While working in her private practice in Sioux Falls, SD, she began working part-time performing abortions at Planned Parenthood, the only abortion clinic in South Dakota. Eventually she closed her practice to work full-time at Planned Parenthood but left one year later in September 1997. She has not performed any abortions since.

Her book, Unexpected Choice, chronicles her career, her journey and her transformation and gives readers insight into both sides of this divisive issue. Dr. Patti now spends her time helping people find compassion and sensitivity to those affected by abortion.
Dr. Patti lives in South Dakota along the Missouri River with her cat. Her hobbies include bicycling, reading, and prairie gardening. Unexpected Choice is her first book.

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