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How to Help Medical Marriages Flourish

Rebecca Lehman currently serves as the Side by Side Executive Director, before taking this role in 2023, Rebecca was a Side By Side Regional Director for the southern region since 2020 and co-leads Side By Side Tampa Chapter since 2013.

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The Stigma of Mental Health in the Church

Dr. Atasha Jordan, MD, MBA is a Christian resident psychiatrist in Philadelphia, PA. She earned her AB in Neurobiology at Harvard University and completed the MD-MBA program at the University of Pennsylvania. Originally from Barbados, Dr. Jordan has a passion for serving patients with mental health illnesses in the U.S. and the Caribbean. Particularly, Dr. Jordan aims to highlight the important intersection of faith and mental health, especially as it relates to Christianity.

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What to Do when Told to Sit Down and Shut Up

Bill Reichart speaks to ADF attorney Tyson Langhofer on the how Christian students can effectively respond to pushback or even hostility toward their faith and convictions.

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Covenant Medicine: Being Present When Present

Dr. David Beyda explains the critical difference in care and within medicine between the Covenant approach and the Contract approach – and why it matters for Christians.

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