Discipleship as Relationship

Bill Reichart talks to Roger Matkin, from San Antonio, about the importance and impact of discipleship from his latest book, “Putting It All Together.”

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Feed My Sheep

As Christians in healthcare, we are called to take our faith into the workplace, whether it be in a clinic, in a hospital or in academia. My journey in medicine led me from the clinic into academia. I actually consider myself an accidental academician who never meant to end up in charge of training a portion of the physician assistant workforce. This, however, is exactly why I am writing this story, to encourage my colleagues and help them understand who the sheep are, why they need feeding, how to feed them and when to stop feeding them.

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Disciple Making Medicine

Photo: Pixabay

We just need someone to help us find our way,” the patient’s wife pleaded as she sat at the head of the table in our procedure room nearly four years ago. She was facing away from the surgical field where I was working meticulously on her husband to suture the vas deferens together using microsurgery under the Zeiss surgical microscope hanging above the table.

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Undiscipled Disciples

Undiscipled Disciples September 8, 2017

Three times in the New Testament the followers of Christ are called “Christians.” But they are called “disciples” more than 260 times! There is more than semantics going on here. The gospel of Jesus is about discipleship.

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