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The AMA and Abortion

April 18, 2023

by Thomas W. Eppes, Jr., MD

Ever since the American Medical Association’s (AMA) meetings in both the summer and fall of 2022, I have felt a huge tug on my heart by the Holy Spirit. And that tug is persistently asking me to address the issue of unrestricted abortions as a woman’s right to authority over her body, including the unrestricted right to abortion.

Let me give you some additional background, to help lay the groundwork for how the Holy Spirit is moving in my heart on this issue.  

At those 2022 meetings, the AMA essentially passed its approval of unfettered abortion rights, with only the caveat of at least saying that third-trimester abortions are unnecessary unless the mother’s life is at stake. Although not calling partial-birth abortion by name, the AMA took the position that it was never necessary. However, they did not say never to abortion when the baby reaches viability. The drivers of this agenda were the women’s section of various specialties, including OB/Gyn, as well as students, residents, members of the LGBTQ community and other progressives.

The Spirit is prompting me to act now. A resolution needs to be wisely crafted that would rescind the AMA’s approval of the woman’s right to abortion at a minimum, beyond the point of viability of the child, and, if possible, maybe the point in which the baby perceives pain. This should be undertaken by addressing the rights of the unborn. How far to push is worthy of a discussion of ideal versus practical accomplishment of passing some restrictions.

Countless healthcare professionals have been watching this issue from afar on the sidelines, they have been intimidated and they have not been given the opportunity to stand up. But now is the time to get engaged.

This is where you come in, because I need your help. To be successful, we need to build a wide-based national coalition of physicians, residents and students. Here is what is needed to get started:

  1. Sign the initial resolution. I need names of healthcare professionals who are willing to sign on to the initial resolution to the AMA. We need a coalition of at least 10 AMA member physicians to sign the resolution and be ready to speak to it. In Reference Committee, one only needs to be an AMA member. To speak on the floor of the House of Delegates, one must be a delegate. The most effective signers of the resolution will be the AMA delegates.
  2. Attend the meetings. I am looking for people who will make a commitment to travel to Chicago, Illinois and speak to the resolution in the Reference Committee on June 11 and to the House of Delegates (if you are a delegate) on June 10-14.
  3. Become a delegate. If you are willing to sign the initial resolution, will you also undertake the effort to get elected as a delegate? This can be in your specialty society or in your state, which allows you to speak on the floor at the House of Delegates and vote.
  4. Become a volunteer. I also need volunteers to help support students to be delegates to the student section and speak in reference committees.

This undertaking will not be for the weak of heart. I fully expect this to be attacked viciously by the groups I mentioned above. My past experience with questioning the approval process of the DIE report resulted in an attack on my friends that was frankly unbelievable. In June 2022, when I dared to say that we needed to move cautiously, I was met with slings and arrows in my back. The good news is that I have no political aspirations in the AMA. Whoever signs on will never be elected to anything, but it is time to step into the gap. I am willing, but this is not a time for martyrdom. I need all the help I can get.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact:

Some have even questioned why I am even in the AMA after all these years, considering their stances on abortion, assisted suicide, conscience freedoms and others. With my continued membership, I know I am making a difference. If one is not in the trenches, you cannot fight the battle to win the war. I have seen that a difference can be made.

Prayerfully consider joining me in this effort. The Holy Spirit is tugging on my heart. Is He tugging on yours?


  1. Avatar Phillip Stiver M.D. on May 1, 2023 at 7:41 pm

    I agree with you but only 17%- 18% of physicians are members of the AMA. I withdrew from them years ago because of both their abortion and homosexuality stance. I am not willing to join the AMA just to register my opinion. I think that will be a problem for most of us on the pro-life side of the issue. I agree with your points though.

  2. Avatar Steven Mull MD on May 2, 2023 at 10:25 am

    I was in practice in the 90’s with the then president of the AMA . We had frequent discussions regarding the AMA position on abortion which at the time was basically that “government shouldn’t interfere with the doctor-patient relationship”. This of course brought them down on the side of abortion in every “friend of the court” case. They no longer give the pretense of being of being neutral. I support your effort to change this and will pray for your efforts and success, but I dropped my AMA membership back then and never came back.

  3. Avatar Joe Watlington on May 4, 2023 at 8:58 am

    I left the AMA years ago due their policies on these issues and I cannot agree with them. The leadership of AMA has lost their way. Let’s care for our pts!

  4. Avatar Glenn B. Burt III on May 7, 2023 at 5:28 pm

    I feel the same as these other physicians. I had to resign, in the same way that people of conscience left the Socialist party of Germany. To rejoin an evil group just to have a say is to support them by providing them finances through dues.
    Sadly, I do remember when 95% of doctors were members. Wonder if a replacement organization would be a better idea?

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