The Gift of a Lifetime: Legacy Giving to CMDA

January 6, 2022
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“I wish I could do more!”

It’s one of the most common sentiments we hear from supporters who are passionate about bringing the hope and healing of Christ to the world through healthcare professionals.

That’s why many of our closest friends give what’s called a “legacy gift” in support of CMDA’s mission. It allows them to contribute a substantial gift that would never be possible otherwise.

There are a number of ways you can give a transformational legacy gift:

  • Include a gift to CMDA in your will or trust.
  • Name CMDA as a charitable beneficiary of your retirement assets or life insurance policy.
  • Make a gift that pays you income for life. When you no longer need the income, the balance of your gift will go toward ministry.

A legacy gift fulfills your ultimate wish to “do more” for this ministry that has meant so much to you. You increase your giving capacity, and you help ensure CMDA continues to carry out this mission well beyond your lifetime.

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The Christian Medical & Dental Associations® (CMDA) is made up of the Christian Medical Association (CMA) and the Christian Dental Association (CDA). CMDA provides resources, networking opportunities, education and a public voice for Christian healthcare professionals and students.

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