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Walt Larimore, MD

Walt Larimore, MD, Award-winning Family Physician and Best-Selling Author, Nationally-Recognized Family Physician and Educator Dr. Larimore has been a practicing family physician for over 30 years (delivering over 1,500 babies). Besides seeing patients, part-time, and volunteering for Mission Medical Clinic, a free, faith-based health clinic for the poor sponsored by over 100 churches and religious organizations in Colorado Springs, Dr. Larimore teaches family medicine part-time, holding adjunct clinical academic appointments at the In His Image Family Medicine Residency Program in Tulsa, OK and the University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency Program in Denver, CO. Dr. Larimore has been listed in Distinguished Physicians of America, The Best Doctors in America, Who's Who in America, Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare, Who's Who in Science and Engineering, International Health Professionals of the Year, and International Health Scientists of the Year. In addition, Dr. Larimore has been listed in the Guide to America's Top Family Doctors, America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals, and The 2000 Intellectuals of the 21st Century.




Natural Medicine Handbook

When it comes to natural medicines, such as herbs, vitamins, and dietary supplements, you want to make...

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The Best Medicine

Perfect for anyone yearning for a simpler, slower pace of life, as well as fans of Dr....

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Fit Over 50

To stay fit over 50, you don’t need to be an expert on health. You need essential,...

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Grace Prescriptions Instructor Manual by Walt Larimore, MD & William C. Peel, THM

Grace Prescriptions Instructor Manual

How often do you prescribe grace to your patients? Not just kindness, which is important, but also...

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Grace Prescriptions Participant Manual by Walt Larimore

Grace Prescriptions Participant Manual

How often do you prescribe grace to your patients? Not just kindness, which is important, but also...

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Just Add Water DVD: Marks of a Christian Doctor 1&2 Marks of a Christian Doctor 1&2

Just Add Water DVD: Faith Factor | Positive Spirituality in Practice

On this DVD, Dr. Larimore speaks on a subject he is very much acquainted with, The Faith Factor...

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Efficient Care & Spiritual Care: Can You Do Both?

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It was bound to happen. And it did, on a Thursday morning. But let me give you some background first. My best friend and practice partner, John Hartman, MD, and I were seeing patients in our family medicine practice from, as they say, conception to cremation. We had been working to introduce a variety of simple spiritual interventions that allowed us to practice not just as healthcare professionals who were Christians, but as Christians who happened to be healthcare professionals.

How Do I Know if I’m Gay or Not?

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I’ve had the opportunity to have a number of young male patients, who during their teen years, have felt attracted to other guys and have begun to wonder if they might be homosexual. I think it’s very important to point out that it’s completely normal and extremely common to be attracted to other guys when you are a teen. In fact, most young men feel closer to other guys than they do girls.

Mentored by a Milker of Cows

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I knew I needed a mentor. I was busy with my career as a physician — too busy for my family. My priorities were out of whack. I needed someone who would encourage me and keep me on track. So I asked the pastors who came through the hospital, “Who’s the one layperson you know in this area who looks most like Jesus?.”

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Importance of Religion in Healthcare

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Researchers used audio recordings to analyze 249 meetings between health care professionals and an ICU patient’s surrogate decision maker at six medical centers between 2009 and 2012. Three-quarters of the decision makers rated religion or spirituality as fairly or very important in their lives.

Spiritual Assessment in Clinical Care [Part 2] – The LORD’s LAP

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I’ve used this assessment with hundreds and hundreds of new patients over the last 25 years; however, this spiritual assessment tool, like most described in the medical literature, fails to inquire about a critical item involving spiritual health: religious struggle.

Spiritual Assessment in Clinical Care [Part 1] – The Basics

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About 25 years ago, while sharing an early morning cup of coffee with my dear friend and practice partner, family physician John Hartman, MD, he asked, “Walt, how come we don’t bring our faith to work with us more often?”

Should Clinicians Incorporate Positive Spirituality Into Their Practices? What Does the Evidence Say?

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Most of the rhetoric decrying the incorporation of basic and positive spiritual care into clinical practice is not based upon reliable evidence.

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