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Peter Saunders, MD: COVID-19 International Crisis

May 21, 2020

On the podcast today, Dr. Mike Chupp is joined by Dr. Peter Saunders, the Chief Executive of the International Christian Medical & Dental Association (ICMDA) who provides an inspiring message of opportunity with an update on COVID-19 from a global perspective, as well as an update on the amazing things ICMDA is doing to support Christians in healthcare and hospitals around the world.

Dr. Matthew Eppinette: The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity

May 13, 2020

On the podcast today, Dr. Mike Chupp is joined by Dr. Matthew Eppinette, the Interim Director of The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity (CBHD), who talks with him about the initiatives underway at CBHD, the upcoming conference and an update on the leadership changes. The interview includes an excerpt from former President and CEO of CBHD Dr. John Kilner’s presentation, “Dignity and Life on the Line: Ending Well,” which he gave at their 26th Annual Conference.

Farr Curlin, MD: Contending Conscientiously for Good Medicine

May 6, 2020

Do you consider yourself to be a “preferred provider” of healthcare services? Dr. Farr Curlin discusses this trick question with Dr. Mike Chupp on the demoralization of medicine and the consequences of being a “provider” in this episode of CMDA Matters focusing on healthcare right of conscience.

Jeff Barrows, DO: CMDA Public Policy

April 30, 2020

Dr. Jeff Barrows, CMDA’s new Senior Vice President for Bioethics & Public Policy, joins Dr. Chupp in this last issue of CMDA Matters for April. Dr. Barrows shares his testimony on becoming a follower of Jesus Christ, his journey into medical missions and the fight against human trafficking and his vision for the future of CMDA’s engagement in the public square.

Christian Academic Physicians & Scientists

April 23, 2020

The Co-Chairs of CMDA’s specialty section Christian Academic Physicians & Scientists (CAPS) Dr. Kim-Lien Nguyen and Dr. David Larson join Dr. Mike Chupp on today’s podcast discussing this important specialty section what it is, what it is doing and what it hopes to do.

Jeff Haanen: “Uncommon Guide to Retirement”

April 16, 2020

On the podcast today, Dr. Mike Chupp is joined by Jeff Haanen, who talks with him about his book An Uncommon Guide to Retirement: Finding God’s Purpose for the Next Season of Life.

Jeff says that at this point of his career, he has decided there’s nothing so fun as making new things, from new organizations like Denver Institute for Faith & Work to new articles. And the more he works he gets a nagging feeling that he is made to reflect the image of the Creator (Genesis 1:27). Creative, joyful service of others through our work—that’s the goal and what keeps his engine running.


April 7, 2020

On the podcast today, Dr. Mike Chupp is joined by Drs. David and Janet Kim, who are working to fight COVID-19 at ground zero in New York City. Their ongoing prayer and hope is that their story shows they are still trusting in a God who is a perfect Shepherd, even as they walk obediently through the valley of the shadow of death.

In addition, we have included in this week’s podcast a “Quiet Moment” with Ken Jones from CMDA’s Center for Well-being. Ken asks the question, “What are you doing?” He encourages that a time of reflection is needed in order to answer that question and three additional questions he asks in this “Quiet Moment.”

Tim Goeglein: American Restoration

April 1, 2020

Dr. Mike Chupp is joined by Tim Goeglein, the author of American Restoration: How Faith, Family and Personal Sacrifice Can Heal Our Nation. And then CMDA’s Vice President for Campus & Community Ministries Bill Reichart joins him to talk about how the unique challenges COVID-19 crisis has had on campus and community ministries across the country.

Philip Yancey: Fearfully and Wonderfully

March 24, 2020

Dr. Mike Chupp is joined by CMDA CEO Emeritus Dr. David Stevens to discuss how Christian healthcare professionals can respond with courage during these ominous days of COVID-19. Following that interview, he speaks with Philip Yancey on his updated book Fearfully and Wonderfully: The Marvel of Bearing God’s Image, which is a fresh update of Philip’s collaboration with Dr. Paul Brand, one of our heroes in medicine.

Coronavirus and Ebola

March 18, 2020

Reverend Dr. Stephen Ko, a pastor and former CDC medical officer returns to CMDA Matters this week with an update on the Coronavirus. Dr. Rick Sacra, a CMDA member who is a missionary to Liberia and an Ebola survivor, talks with Dr. Mike Chupp this week recounting his experience with Ebola and how God used it to open the door for ministry.