GHO Podcast

A Conversation with CMDA’s VP of Missions

Rev. Bert Jones shares about his role as Vice President of Missions and Member Care at CMDA.

Dental Missions in GHO

Dr. Bill Griffin shares about the exciting opportunities for dentists to use their skills on GHO mission trips.

A Heart for Africa

Hannah Jo is a dental hygienist practicing in New York. She shares about the opportunity to serve with GHO on her first medical and dental mission trip last year.

Streamlining GHO

Trish Burgess, MD introduces Alicia Trivett, the new GHO Program Coordinator and discusses how they are working to streamline the ways teams are sent to minister in the name of Jesus.

Serving in the Midst of COVID

Trish Burgess, MD discusses with various team leaders the changes involved with GHO Teams going out to serve during the COVID pandemic.

Bridging the Language Barrier

Thomas Tet shares what it is like to work as a translator on a GHO Mission trip and the impact the trips have for the local people, both medically and spiritually.

Orthopedic Surgery Missions

Mike Langford, MD shares about the GHO Orthopedic Surgery teams to Honduras as well as the impact that mission trips have had on his life.

Servant Leadership

Andy Lamb, MD shares about his experiences with GHO, becoming a team leader and the incredible bonds of brotherly love that have developed with other team members, national partners and those GHO serves.

Navajo Nation Update

Trish Burgess, MD and Ron Brown share about the exciting outreach during the COVID-19 pandemic to the people of the Navajo Nation and surrounding tribes in GHO’s first domestic missions outreach.

Refugee Missions

Stavros Ignatiou is the director of Helping Hands in Athens Greece, an NGO offering humanitarian aid to thousands of Farsi and Dari speaking refugees.

COVID update

Trish Burgess, MD and Ron Brown discuss the impact COVID-19 has wrought on GHO and the plans for moving forward as the pandemic dies down.

GHO Nicaragua

Rolando Castillo joins Ron Brown (IN SPANISH) to discuss the ongoing ministry of GHO in Nicaragua and the exciting life changing events he has witnessed there. An English transcript of the interview is available as well.

Dental Missions

David Maddy, DMD, is the Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Comprehensive Dentistry at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. He has led multiple mission trips with GHO and talks about the unique opportunity for mentorship between dental students and graduate dentists.

The 3 Directors

Ron Brown discusses the history of Global Health Outreach with Sam Molind, DMD and Don Thompson, MD; the 2 past directors of GHO plus current director Trish Burgess, MD.

Welcome to Our Podcast!

Trish Burgess, MD and Ron Brown introduce the new Let’s Go, GHO! podcast and share about exciting episodes to come!