Public Policy

At CMDA, we are dedicated to serving as a Christian voice within today's culture on current healthcare topics. Our voice outreaches speak for our members to the government, media, church and public on bioethical and public policy issues while also training Christians to be effective advocates themselves. From local radio interviews to testifying in Congress, our members have opportunities to share biblical perspectives on bioethics and to influence individuals to protect and preserve human life.

Topics include: physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia, end-of-life care, abortion, reproductive technology, genetics, cloning, human embryo research, freedom of conscience and more. For the latest information on these and other issues, visit

“Through our membership we know that the Christian voice is not silenced.”
– A married CMDA couple

Legislative Efforts
We are involved in a variety of both state and federal legislative efforts to promote life-honoring legislation in your community and across our nation.


Voice in the National Media
CMDA is the trusted voice of Christian healthcare professionals for both Christian and secular news media. From the local to the national level, CMDA affords members opportunities to address important healthcare issues through print, radio, television and web-based news. Our experts have been featured in CNN, NBC, MSNBC, Fox News, Washington Post, Washington Times, LA Times, USA Today, Christianity Today, National Public Radio, Janet Parshall's America, Prime Time America, America's Health Network and The Odyssey Channel. For more information, contact CMDA's Communications Department.


In addition to our state and federal legislative efforts, we offer a wide range of resources to help you serve as a voice within your practice, your community and your nation.

Voice of Christian Doctor's Media Training

An individualized training workshop for members to learn how to prepare for media interviews and to give Christian perspectives on ethical questions and general health topics.

Public Service Announcements

A library of public service announcements on ethical and healthcare topics available to radio stations. Special edition PSAs are produced as needed for specific areas of the country involved in bioethical debates.

Healthwise Public Service Announcements
Healthwise public service announcements vary in length from 15 seconds to 2 minute radio spots that address a wide variety of general health and bioethical issues. "Topics range from the harmful ingredients in cigarettes to information about human cloning and stem cell research. Other topics include missions, allergies, physician-assisted suicide, reproductive technology, abortion, adoption, human trafficking, women and children's health and more. A special series on nutrition called the Bran Man Series is a favorite of many radio stations.

This audio library is available on our ftp site where they can be downloaded for free.

On November 28, 2017, a new set of 32 PSA's were uploaded to this site for your use. You can also download the script for these new PSA's here.

News Releases

CMDA's responses to breaking news on vital healthcare issues resulting in hundreds of media interviews each year. These statements include quotes and interviews from CMDA healthcare professionals and are sent to hundreds of print and electronic media outlets across the country. CMDA public statements gain the attention of news directors, editors and program managers nationwide while generating hundreds of media interviews each year.


CMDA's The Point

A bi-weekly e-newsletter keeping you updated on emerging topics relevant to today's issues in healthcare with three editions: the Regular Edition, the Washington Edition and the Special Edition.