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What is an RSS Feed and How do I Use It?

RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’. Many people describe it as a ‘news feed’ to which you subscribe for free content. RSS is a technology that is still being used by millions of web users around the world to keep track of their favorite websites and blogs.

In the ‘old days’ of the web to keep track of updates on a website, you had to ‘bookmark’ websites in your browser and manually return to them on a regular basis to see what had been added. This is still an option, but RSS feeds allow content to come to you.

What if you could tell a blog to let you know every time it is updated? This is what RSS does for you.

Then, you can add the shortcode everywhere you want (pages, posts, widgets etc):

RSS is a technology that provides you with a method of getting relevant and up to date information sent to you for you to read in your own time. It saves you time and helps you to get the information you want quickly after it was published. You don’t need an email to tell you when there is an update. You will know automatically as soon as new material is published.
It’s almost like subscribing to a magazine that is delivered to your door, RSS feeds are delivered wherever you’d like to receive it – your iPad (or tablet), direct to your email clients such as Outlook or Gmail, for example. You can then read and download transmissions offline at your leisure.
How to Use RSS
Get an RSS Reader – The first thing you’ll want to do if you would like to use a RSS is to get an RSS Feed Reader. There are many feed readers going around with a variety of approaches and features – however, an online search for "RSS Feed Reader" for the device where you’d like to receive the feed (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone) will turn up a number of free selections.
Typically the feeds work a little like receiving emails. As you subscribe to the feed you’ll see that unread entries will be marked as bold. As you click on them you’ll see the latest update and can read it right there in the feed reader. You are given the option to click through to the actual site or move onto the next unread item – marking the last one as ‘read’.
Don’t want to Use an RSS Reader? Email is still an Option
If the above explanation all just seems a little too complicated for you then please don’t worry. You will continue to receive email updates as new information is posted. Just make sure you have signed up in various areas of the CMDA website where we offer simple subscription forms for various resources, and we will send you email notifications when new content is available.

Please note: CMDA does not provide technical assistance for the use of RSS Feeds or the installation and use of RSS Feed Readers.

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