Voice of Advocacy

CMDA Stewardship Development

George Courtney and Jamie Mijeski of CMDA’s Stewardship Department share practical advice on financial stewardship and serving God rather than mammon.

Recognizing and Dealing with Stress

Steve Sartori, MD, the former Director of CMDA’s Center for Well-being, shares timeless wisdom to equip us for dealing with the inevitable stresses of our profession.

Student Ambassadors for Christ

Dental students Tanner “TJ” Swanson and Caroline Miller share their vision of serving Christ through dentistry, which is developing along with their clinical skills.

Kevin L. Aduddell, DDS – Faith in the Practice

Kevin Aduddell, DDS, who led Episode 15 of CMDA’s Faith Prescriptions video resource, challenges us to recognize and attend to both the dental and spiritual needs of our patients.