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What Do You Need Right Now? January 17, 2018
501 Foundations in Coaching

October 3 – November 7, 2023
You’re invited to boost your communication skills, so needed in these challenging times in healthcare. This online, six-week, highly interactive coaching training will equip you to lead more effectively, assist colleagues with burnout, improve patient health outcomes and maximize the potential in others. Registration is open to all healthcare professionals, students, spouses and others who work with healthcare professionals.

Mentoring with a Coach Approach

October 5 – November 2, 2023
Mentoring has been proven to promote the academic and professional growth of healthcare professionals. Coaching is gaining traction as a way of promoting
physician well-being and growing leadership skills. Combining the skills of mentor and coach can result in more satisfying and effective mentor-mentee relationships. This five week course introduces a framework that utilizes a “coach approach” to mentoring, with an emphasis on a reflective process that nurtures well-being. We will utilize If I Should Die Before I Live (book and companion guide) by Ken Jones to help develop this framework and apply to the mentoring relationship.