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CMDA Life & Leadership Coaching

CMDA Coaching has been developed specifically for Christian doctors whose life foundations and core values are rooted in the practice of medicine and dentistry from a distinctively Christian perspective. In essence, our coaching is focused on helping individuals get from where they are to where they believe God would like them to be. 

CMDA Marriage Enrichment

The Marriage Enrichment Ministry was started by Christian Medical & Dental Associations® members who saw a need to minister to married healthcare professionals. This ministry provides four to six conferences per year, known as Marriage Enrichment Weekends to provide healthcare couples with an opportunity to nurture and grow in their marital relationships.

CMDA Medical Malpractice Ministry

A malpractice lawsuit can wreak havoc on a healthcare professional's family, career and emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The effects can be devastating. CMDA’s Medical Malpractice Ministry is available to intervene with prayer, educational resources and encouragement from a commission of doctors who have faced malpractice suits themselves.

CMDA Online Store

CMDA offers a wide range of both member-authored and externally-authored Christian books and resources. From best-selling self-help books to Christian Medical & Dental Associations logo merchandise, we have something for everyone. If you're in need of a topical text for research or simply want to do some recreational reading, it's all here.

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