Let's Go, GHO!

WPDC’s Dental Champion

Dr. Elisa Ghezzi is passionate about connecting females in dentistry for mutual encouragement and fellowship.

Military & Missionary Dentist Moves into Midwest Ministry

Dr. Jonathan Spenn is CMDA’s new Midwest Regional Dental Coordinator, a position which will allow him to energize dental school ministry across his region. 

Loving Patients Battling Substance Abuse

Drs. Timothy and Nikki Allen to talk about their work serving the underserved, especially those who are struggling with addiction on this podcast episode.

Incorporating Spiritual Interventions Into Your Practice

Dr. Cathie Scarbrough talks about bringing your faith into healthcare by incorporating spiritual interventions with Dr. Mike Chupp and Dr. Bill Griffin in this month’s Dental Sound Bytes podcast, which is a re-release of a prior CMDA Matters episode.

Master Dentist, Philanthropist and More

 Dr. Perry Stamatiades is a lecturer and author and the creator of a philanthropic entity, Servants of Smiles.

Stopping Touchdowns and Tooth Decay

Dr. Terry Schmidt spent more than a decade playing in the NFL before becoming a dentist and CMDA member.

Ministering to Missionaries

R. Bruce Templeton, DMD, is a key player in the effort to support and strengthen healthcare missionaries around the world.

Benefits of Private Practice Ownership

Greg Gilbaugh, DDS, expounds on leadership principles that can best be exercised through ownership of one’s private practice.

Ukraine Dental Outreach

Drs. John Pfefferle and Phil Aday joined forces to provide care for orphans and refugees in Ukraine.

Canadian Christian Dental Ministry Launched

Dr. Katrina “Kate” Brouwer, ICMDA Dental Ministry Manager of Canada, shares her vision for establishing dental ministry across Canada.  Check it out – eh?